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Park / Signal / Side Marker

Have you ever noticed the cool lights you may see glowing on certain cars at night? They have lights coming out of the woodwork. Some have strobes; some have the neon lights from underneath the car, and some have the cool flash bursts from inside the car. All of these lights are designed to aesthetically enhance the vehicle. There are also the lights which are installed for visibility and for safety. The side marker light are small lights encased in a plastic shell which maybe customized and is attached to the side of the car, at the front by the fender. These lights are put there for the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. With the side marker lights you can be seen by everybody who has a side profile of your car. Even at rest you may turn it on so that even when you’re just idling your car you will still be noticeable at dark times. These side marker lights can be wired to your parking lights, headlights, turn signal, or even ignition. You may use them as you please. Put the finishing touch on your performance lighting with side marker lights for the ultimate in nighttime style. Most of the time side marker lights come standard with the car. They are usually bolt on, but there are some aftermarket side marker lights that comes with an adhesive so that you won’t need to drill a hole on your vehicle. Some side marker lights come standard as a turn signal supplement, while some don’t if you want to turn your side marker light as a supplement turn signal it is easy to do so. There are many sites in the internet which could show you the procedure, the usual tools of trade you may need are 3 feet of wire, some electrical tape, wire cutters and splicers. Total time involved in this simple procedure is about 1 hour. With side marker lights you may install the usual two at the front and add two more for each side at the back. They may act both as turn signals and park lights.

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